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Traffic Signal Box Wraps

Currently Accepting Artist Applications through November 17, 2023

In October 2017, The Town of Woodstock was granted permission by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to install vinyl wraps on five of the traffic signal cabinets along Route 11 in Woodstock. Drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists traveling through Woodstock along Route 11 have enjoyed the series of colorful work since then but in an effort to keep our public art program installations fresh, we are now accepting a second round of applications through November 17, 2023. 

Program guidelines and artist application

"Cacti" by Liam Shell

Pumpkin Head Characters

Annually in October

Eight years ago, Town Staff spearheaded a town wide public art project displaying nearly twenty pumpkin head characters (both locally and internationally known) in an effort to add color, character and fun to our community- and it has been a tradition every year since!

If you feel creative we invite you to try your hand at creating a pumpkin character(s) display in your own front yard! We will be judging the residential pumpkin characters in town and will select one lucky winner of a $50 VISA gift card and a $50 Woodstock branded merchandise voucher!

We invite businesses to participate too for bragging rights!

Business Application
Business Rules
Residential Rules


- 1st Place - Seven Bends State Park, Fly Fishing Whitetail Buck
- 2nd Place - Cooks Exxon/Shenandoah Stuff, 1970s show, "Zoo Review"
- 3rd Place - Travelers Treasures, Hot Air Balloons
- Honorable Mentions - WWR, Campsite & Pollywog Place, Peppa Pig


1st Place - Queen Elizabeth and her Corgi @ 426 W Court St
 2nd place - Spidermen @ 104 S Lee St
 3rd place- Ice cream stand @ 106 S Summit Ave

2022 pumpkin character photos

Johnny Appleseed

Custom Designed Pole Banners

June 2023
Location: Downtown parking lot behind the Woodstock Café

Installed in 2023, the custom street banner project creates an outdoor gallery for both motorists and pedestrians in our central downtown area. Thirteen unique banners adorn the light posts in the downtown parking lot behind the Woodstock Café adding to the beauty of our town and creating a space that feels good.

Custom Designed Banner Artists 2023

Community Build Mosaic Mural

2019 to Present
Location: Woodstock Café | 117 South Main Alleyway entrance to public parking area

The community build mosaic mural was the vision of members of local art organization, Valley Educational Center for Creative Arts (VECCA). Through a partnership between VECCA, the Town of Woodstock, and Woodstock Enhancement, it was brought to reality thanks to hard work by VECCA artists, community members, town staff, and Woodstock Enhancement volunteers. 

The vision and scene is that of local artists, Debra Cooper and Ellen Fairchild-Flugel. The artists work to depict our beautiful Shenandoah Valley landscape and how people and nature can coexist. The scene is set at Seven Bends State Park located just outside of town along the Shenandoah River. 

After an estimated 2.000+ volunteer hours of work to date which has involved cutting and sorting glass, fitting the pieces on the board, final grouting and sealing, etc. the team expects to unveil the third and final panel at the Light Up Woodstock event on Friday, December 1, 2023.

Mosaic Mural Installation

Bicycle Art 

June 2019 

The natural beauty of Shenandoah County and it's sister towns (including Woodstock) increasingly attract outdoor enthusiasts which includes cyclists. Locals and visitors venture to the mountains for mountain bike (MTB) trails or to our paved and gravel scenic roads to enjoy the open space. The Town of Woodstock continues to welcome cyclists and plans for future growth of this activity with a bicycle and pedestrian trail that will traverse around thirteen miles through town. As a simple way to show our support, Woodstock Enhancement and staff worked with a handful of local businesses on a public art installation that involves custom designed bicycles. Public Works staff replaced the traditional wheel with a solid metal disk that acts as a canvas for the art. The frames are powder coated in custom green which makes the pieces to stand out all over our central downtown. Over the years, we plan to add more to this project and welcome any business owner to contact us if they're interested.

Bicycle art photos

Woodstock Brewhouse Bicycle

The Woodstock LOVEwork

June 2018
Location: 614 South Main Street

The inspiration behind the second sculpture in Woodstock comes from Virginia Tourism Corporation’s LOVEwork program that was created to promote travel and tourism. Woodstock Enhancement began discussing how to set the Woodstock LOVEwork apart in November 2016 and in the end, settled on representing local history, outdoor recreation activities, and our green floral and fauna.

Public Works staff and a local quilter took over six months to bring the piece to life with their great talents. Massanutten Military Academy graciously allowed the Town to place the piece on their property and Virginia Tourism supported the project with advertising and a grant that provided partial funding of the project.

Visitors are encouraged visit the sculpture and snap photos to "share the love" on any social media platform.

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Woodstock LOVEwork at Massanutten Military Academy

PAC-Man at Jane's Garden

August 2015

In 2014, the Town of Woodstock established a small garden to celebrate first Enhancement Coordinator, Jane Beasley, for her hard work and dedication in the beautification and improvement of the Town. Affectionately named Jane’s Garden, the project flanks Old Valley Pike on the South end of the historic downtown district. The Town thanks local telecommunications company, Shentel, for allowing the creation of this garden on their property.

To increase its beauty, the Town of Woodstock placed a statue in Jane’s Garden. The theme of the piece at this location is meant to "Capture the Valley" and PAC-Man was chosen because he/she represents people who long ago settled in our beautiful Shenandoah Valley. In the words of PAC-Man’s talented sculptor, Craig Gray, "He is symbolic of the travelers who walked across our country to ’capture’ better places to live, work, and raise families. He could be about life and our experiences... the sharp edges rounded as we make our journey."

So take the time to experience PAC-Man for yourself! Standing nearly seven feet tall next to the Spring House Tavern and The Hair Gallery on the South end of Town, you’re sure not to miss it! Snap a few photos to share on Instagram and Facebook with #discoverwoodstockva and #woodstockartstock.

Pac Man