Public Safety

The Woodstock Police Department is a professional accredited organization that pride themselves on community safety and service above all else. They are always striving for excellence and this is evident in their work and relationships with the community. 

Below we have highlighted a few of their greatest accomplishments to date and a few services specific to businesses. More information can be found on our municipal website


In May, 2018, the Woodstock Police Department became an accredited agency through the Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission, a distinction that took many hours to achieve by dedicated staff and one only ninety-seven of the three hundred and seventy law enforcement agencies identified in the Commonwealth of Virginia can claim. The Woodstock Police Department is one of the smaller agencies to achieve this coveted award which essentially provides a layer of protection for the community and its citizens, the law enforcement officers, and the organization itself.  Through accreditation, law enforcement agencies are provided a plethora of industry standards, developed by professionals, that are based on law enforcement best practices.  Agencies that achieve accreditation are required to develop policy and implement strategies to meet those standards on a consistent basis. The agency also is subject to scrutiny and review by assessors on a regular basis to determine compliance with the program. This periodic review of policy and procedures ensures that the agency is at least meeting, if not exceeding, industry standards.

Business Specific Services

Property Checks- If you are resident or property owner in the Town of Woodstock, and plan to be away from your home, you can request your property be checked by a patrol officer during their normal duties.

Safety Talks- Our officers are trained in a wide range of law enforcement related fields. If you would like to have an officer present information on any safety related issue, please contact the Police Department to schedule a date.

Parking Enforcement- The Woodstock Police Department employs a parking enforcement officer who ensures parking restrictions in the historic section of town are enforced. Parking in the historic district is restricted to either two hours for shopping or fifteen minutes for customer pick ups. All parking in this area is clearly marked.


Community Outreach and Engagement 

The Woodstock Police Department has a long tradition of working in conjunction with the residents and community leaders to provide professional police service to our community.  Every member of the Police Department understands and embraces the importance of community interaction and feedback and during these challenging times for our law enforcement, this organization is proud of their positive reputation and efforts. Each year, they host a number of events with the goal of creating a positive and supportive police and citizen interaction that extends far beyond these events. These efforts include

- Community Safety and Wellness Day
Special Olympics Torch Run
- National Night Out
- Halloween
- Drug Take Back
- Various events in our area schools including reading to younger students, sharing lunch with middle school students, and participating in career
fairs at the local high school, vocational school, and Massanutten Military Academy.

Physical Fitness Program 

The Woodstock Police Department believes that physical fitness is paramount to the success and safety of an officer therefore they began a PT Program in October of 2014. Each member of the organization was given a  baseline test. meant to measure the officer’s initial fitness levels.  Since that time, the department has tested at least twice a year for official testing and one to two times a year in addition to the official tests. They conduct tests multiple times each year in order to ensure officers continue to improve.  Officers are expected to work out at least three days a week for one hour while on duty and are tested in the following areas:  vertical jump, sit-ups, 300 meter run, push-ups, and a 1.5 mile run. Since the program began, the entire department as a whole has increased the number of tests passed. 

Robust Officer Training Program

Officers participate in monthly training programs on various topics. Sometimes these trainings are for informational purposes or are necessary for future certifications. One training we would like to highlight in particular is the CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) program. Each member of the Woodstock PD is trained and certified in this program wherein the basic goals are to improve officer and consumer safety and to help those with mental health disorders and/or addictions receive the necessary medical care they need. These efforts also reduce the stigma and need for involvement with the criminal justice system. One of the biggest components of CIT is practicing of de-escalation techniques so that officers can more effectively diffuse a situation. Our PD is one of the few in the State of Virginia with all officers certified in this program.