Bee City USA

bee city graphic

In October 2020, the Town Council passed a resolution to be designated as a Bee City. A natural part of the Woodstock Tree Board, we promote native pollinator plantings to support our bee populations thus sustaining our environment and food supply. 

Pest Management to Support Pollinators

Pollinators also thrive with integrated pest management. We are currently in the process of developing an Integrated pest management plan. Wherever possible, Woodstock public works is dedicated to using environmentally sound practices on our landscaping that promotes the health of the plant and protects our native bee population. We endorse the principles and practices set forth in the Virginia Cooperative Extension’s 2021 Pest Management Guide. The Town's Integrated Pest Management Plan can found here.

Best Plants to Attract Pollinators

Did you know that the colors and smells of native plant species can attract pollinators such as bees? We encourage our community consider planting native pollinators such as those included in this list to help save our bee population. Recommended pollinator species for plantings