Annual Pumpkin Characters

Johnny Appleseed
Shen Animal Hospital - Lord of the Rings

In 2016, Town Staff and Woodstock Enhancement spearheaded a town wide public art project displaying nearly twenty pumpkin head characters (both locally and internationally known) in an effort to add color, character and fun to our community- and it has been a tradition every year since!

If you feel creative, we invite you to try your hand at creating a pumpkin character(s) display in your own front yard or at your business! We invite businesses to participate for bragging rights and residents in town who win could receive a gift card and Woodstock merchandise voucher.

Business Application
Business Rules
Residential Rules


- 1st Place - Seven Bends State Park, Fly Fishing Whitetail Buck
- 2nd Place - Cooks Exxon/Shenandoah Stuff, 1970s show, "Zoo Review"
- 3rd Place - Travelers Treasures, Hot Air Balloons
- Honorable Mentions - WWR, Campsite & Pollywog Place, Peppa Pig


1st Place - Queen Elizabeth and her Corgi @ 426 W Court St
 2nd place - Spidermen @ 104 S Lee St
 3rd place- Ice cream stand @ 106 S Summit Ave

2022 pumpkin character photos